LIFE - Learning Is For Everyone

LIFE - Learning Is For Everyone

Read the inspiring true story about Donald and his family's quest to provide postsecondary opportunities for young adults with intellectual disabilities. LIFE - Learning Is For Everyone is available for purchase on

Former Board Members

  • Caleb Fort, Chairman
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  • Peter Hughes, Vice Chairman
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  • Cate Cusick, Secretary-Treasurer
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  • Jane Breeden, Founding Board Member
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  • Robert “Corky” Carnevale
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  • Delie Fort, Founding Board Member
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  • Louise Morris, Founding Board Member
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Former Executive Director

CTC was founded in 2007 with the mission of expanding college education opportunities for young adults who have intellectual disabilities in South Carolina.

There are now five college programs throughout the state. These include College of Charleston REACH, Carolina LIFE, Clemson LIFE, Costal Carolina LIFE, and Winthrop Think College. As of December 31, 2016, we are happy to announce our mission has been successful and we have closed the 401C3. Our webpage remains active for informational purposes only.

Transition from College to Independent Living

In March of 2013 CTC hosted a conference in Columbia, South Carolina, that focused on the needs of college graduates as they move toward independent living. Each college or university involved addressed a different topic. Below is a description of each presentation.

  • College of Charleston: Social Networking

    The College of Charleston created a website that shares their efforts to support social engagement for in-person social interaction, as well as the careful use of social media.

  • Clemson University: Health

    Clemson University concentrated on the area of healthy living through the creation of a book, Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability by Joe Ryan, Ph.D., and Daniel A. Traylor.

  • Winthrop University: Housing

    Winthrop focused on finding housing, from the issues and difficulties connected to that process to the resources that are available to help. » More information

  • University of South Carolina: Employment

    USC tackled the topic of finding sustainable and meaningful employment after graduation. » More information

  • Coastal Carolina University: Transportation

    Coastal Carolina researched the challenges graduates can face in obtaining transportation. » More information