LIFE - Learning Is For Everyone

LIFE - Learning Is For Everyone

Read the inspiring true story about Donald and his family's quest to provide postsecondary opportunities for young adults with intellectual disabilities. LIFE - Learning Is For Everyone is available for purchase on All proceeds from sales of the book will go to scholarships for students.

Board Members

  • Caleb Fort, Chairman
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  • Peter Hughes, Vice Chairman
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  • Cate Cusick, Secretary-Treasurer
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  • Jane Breeden, Founding Board Member
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  • Robert “Corky” Carnevale
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  • Delie Fort, Founding Board Member
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  • Louise Morris, Founding Board Member
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Executive Director

The College Transition Connection (CTC) works with select colleges and universities in South Carolina to design, create and fund transition and post-secondary opportunities for young adults with intellectual disabilities.

Transition from College to Independent Living

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In March of 2013 CTC hosted a conference in Columbia, South Carolina, that focused on the needs of college graduates as they move toward independent living. Each college or university involved addressed a different topic. Below is a description of each presentation, along with videos of all the talks. » watch videos

  • College of Charleston: Social Networking

    The College of Charleston created a website that shares their efforts to support social engagement for in-person social interaction, as well as the careful use of social media.

  • Clemson University: Health

    Clemson University concentrated on the area of healthy living through the creation of a book, Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability by Joe Ryan, Ph.D., and Daniel A. Traylor. A link to buy the book will be provided when it becomes available for purchase.

  • Winthrop University: Housing

    Winthrop focused on finding housing, from the issues and difficulties connected to that process to the resources that are available to help. » More information

  • University of South Carolina: Employment

    USC tackled the topic of finding sustainable and meaningful employment after graduation. » More information

  • Coastal Carolina University: Transportation

    Coastal Carolina researched the challenges graduates can face in obtaining transportation. » More information