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Louise Morris

Louise Morris photoLouise Morris graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Secondary Education. Her involvement in the development of a post–secondary program for students with intellectual disabilities has come from her long experience with children with special needs.

In addition to advocating for her son Jeff, who is 19 and has Fragile X Syndrome, Louise worked as an advocate for ventilator dependent children at both the local and state levels. Jeff’s older brother, Greg, who also had Fragile X, was ventilator dependent and lived an active community life for 15 years.

Louise has served as vice president of SKIP (Sick Kids Need Involved People) in Illinois and testified to a wide variety of governmental, educational and community groups about the process of integrating ventilator dependent children into an included school environment. Greg became the first ventilated dependent student in the supported education program in Naperville, IL.

Louise has also served as a peer mentor to other families of children with special needs. Currently she lives outside Charlotte with her husband John and son Jeff. She volunteers with a variety of local non-profits.

“There is no greater challenge in the world than the loving presence of someone who believes the best of you.”